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Since 1988, TAWN has been southeastern Arizona’s hub of Neo-Pagan, Heathen, and Polytheist communication and education. Understanding and good will among local Pagans/Heathens and between the Pagan/Heathen community and the general public is our goal.  We’ve worked for over two decades to build and maintain a spiritual, educational, and social network based on our respect for each other and a deep reverence for Nature.



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2016-2017 Board election results.

Coordinator              Raya Fand
Vice Coordinator     Patrick Campion
Treasurer                  David Foster
Secretary                   Patrick Campion
Member at Large     Raymond Offord
Member at Large     Timothy Bell


T.A.W.N. Tucson Area Wiccan/Pagan Network added an event.

TAWN December Cauldronluck

Our monthly meet & greet, pre-Yule edition. Business meeting, 11am-noon; potluck & socializing, noon-1pm. Please bring a dish to share. Free. Further organizational information: www.tawn.org

December 11, 2016 - December 11, 2016


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